I'm Not Who You Think I Am
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I'm Not Who You Think I Am

Mykayla van Wiernen’s summer starts out not with the bang she wanted, but with her parents announcing they’re sending her to stay with her Uncle Yushua in Boston while they go away to work on their marriage. She’d rather spend her time with her best friend Xiu, figuring out why she doesn’t feel much attraction toward anyone—boys or girls.

It’s clear right away that something’s off with her uncle—his coworkers are odd, way too friendly, and refuse to leave him alone.

But things get really messed up when a mysterious ancient being appears, claiming Mykayla is his reincarnated soul mate and is in danger from someone called the Shadow Pharaoh. She finds herself caught up in a war between Egyptian deities—alongside a pushy jerk who doesn’t understand personal boundaries.

Cover Artist: Tiferet Design