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Ten young drivers suit up to risk their lives in a deadly underground race called the Gathering, but only one will emerge victorious. If the dangerous course doesn’t kill them, other racers might. And even if they avoid the wrath of the Mob of Terra One, who controls it all, they still might not escape with their lives.

Because a killer is stalking the competitors, taking them out one by one.

Seventeen-year-old Rebecca “RC” Camille has clawed her way up from humble beginnings at the Open Arms orphanage, and she’s almost reached the top. She can’t let anything stand in her way now—not friendship or even love.

But she might be the only one who can put an end to a murderer’s bloody spree, and she must choose between ending the carnage and saving her own life through the race. But since she’s unlikely to escape both the killer and the Mob, is it any choice at all?

The race for the Impulse Cup must continue… even if the drivers are dodging bodies.

Cover Artist: Kanaxa