Last of the Summer Tomatoes
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Last of the Summer Tomatoes

Kyle Jackowski is in trouble… again. Dealing with an abusive stepfather while trying to come to terms with his sexuality has made him a seriously stereotypical surly teen, and he keeps landing himself in hot water with the law. But this time, instead of the expected stint in juvie, the court gives Kyle a chance to reform himself by working on a farm for the summer.

He doesn’t expect Sam, son of the farm’s owners, to so strongly affect him. Sam wants to help Kyle accept that what he feels is perfectly normal and that hiding from the world or acting out aren’t his only options to gain attention. Kyle doesn’t anticipate the impact of Sam’s parents upon his life, either, who show Kyle that every family doesn’t suffer like his battered mother. With their affirmation, Kyle will have a chance to discover his place in the world, and, more importantly, decide if he wants that place to be by Sam’s side.


Cover Artist    Aaron Anderson
Narrator    Paul Morey
Length    7 hours and 15 minutes