Let Me Live
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Let Me Live

Marshall’s carefully constructed future—a scholarship, college, and a career in politics—was torn apart in a hail of bullets when his former friend and lover killed twelve on their campus. Marshall may have survived, but he returned home a broken man, and not just from his wounds. Far from feeling like the hero he’s praised as on the news, Marshall is buckling under the weight of PTSD, survivor’s guilt, and depression. He may have saved lives on that terrible day, but with no support, can he save his own?

Tattoo artist Benny Hayes might be the one to offer the lifeline Marshall needs so desperately.

The older man can’t erase what happened, but his acceptance might help Marshall heal. In Benny, Marshall sees a chance for something he thought he’d lost—life and love. As much as he wants to grab on to that hope, he harbors a secret that, if revealed, will snatch away everything he’s gained.