Living with the Fall
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Living with the Fall

Flo’s dreams of becoming a zombie hunter were shattered by the death of his father a few years back. Left with no choice but to stay where his family needs him, Flo searches out danger to keep his skills sharp. When his luck finally runs out and he is infected by the zombie virus, Flo is slowly drawn into a world he never expected to experience. In the distant remains of civilization, people are working on a cure. Hoping his life can still mean something, Flo agrees to travel to the continent with the hunters Hulme and Dihr. But zombies are not the only danger. As the trio heads south, Flo comes to understand more about himself and the bitter reality of the world he lives in. His control is tested, as is the strange friendship that takes seed in the group. But in the end, only Flo can decide if he can still live with himself after the fall.