My Crunchy Life
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My Crunchy Life

Every hippie worth his salt fights for a cause, and if sixteen-year-old Kale Oswald wants to call himself a true hippie, he has to do more than look the part. He has to stand for something, so he chooses the local human rights organization… where things don’t go as planned. 

Julian Mendez is fresh out of the hospital because she thought swallowing a bottle of pills would be easier than admitting to her mother and all the kids at school who she really is—a girl who has been seen as a boy since birth. Her puberty blockers might stop her body from developing into a man’s, but it won’t make facing her fellow students any easier. Because she plans to move forward with her physical transition—there was never any other choice. 

Kale and Julian discover and struggle with their capacity for compassion as they get to know each other through the human rights organization. Sexuality and desire—facets of themselves that are harder to accept—present more of a challenge. But before they can move on—to friendship and maybe more—they’ll both have to trust each other enough to be honest.

Cover Artist: Aaron Anderson