Not Today
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Not Today

Sixteen-year-old Emmett Callaghan’s life fell apart eight months ago when his older brother was killed in Iraq and his distraught mother walked out, leaving Emmett to care for a father descending into dementia. Unable to get help for fear of alerting the authorities that he’s been abandoned, Emmett is slowly sinking under the weight of his responsibilities. It doesn’t help that he lives on the wrong side of the tracks in a town where rich and poor don’t mix—unless it’s on a football field.

When newcomer Noah Davis arrives, it’s like a breath of fresh air has blown through Emmett’s life. Not only does Noah’s mixed-race parentage make him unlike the other rich kids in town, he’s also openly gay and interested in Emmett, despite all the barriers Emmett has erected to keep prying eyes out of his life. Noah throws Emmett a lifeline when he needs it most—but does Noah really understand what he’s letting himself in for?

Cover Artist: Adrian Nicholas