The Shadow Operation
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The Shadow Operation

Sequel to Like I Know Jack

As a teenage agent for a shadowy organization known as the Center, Jack is used to danger and intrigue. But his newest assignment will push the boundaries of what he’s come to expect. Jack poses as Jack Elliot, an identity assigned to Alex Sutherland after Alex’s family is forced to enter a witness protection program. Something is awry, and the family’s two previous relocations have been compromised. Jack and the Center must determine where the leak is coming from—within the program, or from the Sutherland family itself. Along with Sean and Instructor Clare Colson, Jack slips into Alex’s life, deliberately putting a target on his back in the hopes of drawing out whoever is betraying the Sutherlands. Matt returns to the team while Martin and Leo provide support, and together they must discover who is revealing the family’s secret identities—before it’s too late for everyone.

Cover Artist: Maria Fanning