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2nd Edition

2230. War has been rendered obsolete, but world peace hangs from a fragile thread. Violet MacRae breaks free from the millions crowding northern Scotland with more brawn than brains and an inherent tendency toward violence. The brilliant few who control the masses dismiss her as a relic… but relics have power.

Violet finds her place in Valhalla, a clandestine training ground where she learns the skills she needs to protect the world from the threat of genetically enhanced criminals, pirates, gangs, and more. She meets the first friends she’s ever known—a group of outcasts just like her—as well as Wulfgar Kray, a genius gang leader who knows her impossibly well and will do anything to capture her, including seeing the world in flames.


She may have been branded from childhood as a useless barbarian, but Violet is about to find her place in the world exactly as she is. 

Cover Artist    Ari Bach
Narrator    Steve Carlson
Length    12 hours and 6 minutes

1st Edition published by Ari Bach: August 2010, March 2012.