5 Things We Learn About Theo Reese in the Codename: Winger books
June 05

5 Things We Learn About Theo Reese in the Codename: Winger books


With the recently released Netminder bringing to a close the Codename: Winger series, I thought it would be a good time to look back at five things we’ve learned about Theo Reese that aren’t directly related to the spy business he gets up to. 


1. He loves the Detroit Red Wings, particularly Henrik Zetterberg.

Theo may live in Boston but he has a love of the Detroit Red Wings just like I do. In Tracker Hacker we find out about his room and the posters he has of Sidney Crosby (Pittsburgh Penguins), Corey Crawford (Chicago Blackhawks) and Zetterberg. It’s also Zetterberg he has on his desktop wallpaper because he thinks the former Red Wings captain is hot. In the free Christmas short, A Very Winger Christmas, Theo gets a cool Zetterberg gift too. He turns up again in Schooled too.


2. He’s well versed in movies and TV about hackers.

In Schooled we find out that Theo and his dad are fans of the TV show Mr. Robot. They even have the running joke of his Dad asking that Theo never take on the qualities of Elliot, the show’s rather unstable main character. There’s a list of other movies that show up across the books, including Hackers, Sneakers, TRON, Johnny Mnemonic and others. 


3. Eclectic music tastes

Theo is all over the place with music. From Schooled we know he listens enough to Prince, Sara Barellies and some musicals that he bases encryption algorithms off of the mathematics behind the songs sometimes. In Audio Assault he further references that he looked for music that had “complexity in the rhythm” or “the vocalist needed to be outstanding.” In fact, in early drafts of Audio Assault since Theo and his family are in NYC most of the story I had him attending Dear Evan Hansen and loving some of those songs because of the vocal complexity.


4. All about team

Team is a major driving force for Theo. As a hockey player he always wants to put his best game out. In Tracker Hacker this comes through loud and clear. He’s at a hockey tournament as part of the mission and he is frustrated with himself when he can’t play as he thinks he’s letting the team down. He drives himself hard where Tactical Operational Support is concerned too. In all the books he’s constantly pressuring himself to do more and better even if everyone around him tells him he’s doing a good job.


5. Dr Pepper, Please

If there’s ever a movie or TV show made from these books, somebody is going to have to license Dr Pepper for the production. All four books reference Theo’s love of the soda and that he tries to keep a stash of it on hand. I failed to work that into the Christmas story, but you can be sure it was in the fridge. It so well known that it’s his beverage of choice that, as you’ll see in Netminder, even the bad guys provide it for him. Fun thing I learned when Tracker Hacker was in edits, there’s no period after the Dr in the name. I was curious as to why and Google informed me that the period was dropped during  a redesign of the logo in the 1950s.


So, there you go, a few fun facts about Theo Reese. If you want to know everything about him, please pick up the Codename: Winger series. If you’re just getting started, June 2019 is a great time to do so since the ebook of Tracker Hacker is on sale for 99 cents all month.



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